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As of March 2024, the URL of BBW Chan is

BBW Chan is a classic imageboard community based on Lynxchan. This site has been primarily maintained by the user named LtBarclay, helped by various moderators.

The main aspect from which the site derives its popularity is piracy of pornography, although some general discussion threads exists in between them. Users try to delay DMCA takedown notices by using base64 encoding of links, sometimes multiple times to make it harder for software to detect what link is hidden inside. Because of the piracy and the sometimes hateful comments towards the models, the site is often critizized by models who claim to be losing income due to the site. Somewhat unsurprisingly, BBW Chan struggled with paying the hosting costs over the course of their history, as its main audience consists of people who are not willing to pay for pornography. Some users have donated (sometimes even large individual donations), so the site continue to exist as of today. People have used various sharing sites to upload the actual content, including but not limited to WeTranser and MyAirBridge. The administrators have tried hard to stay anonymous by using a webhost that has no Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policy and accepts cryptocurrencies. Users have paid for this using cryptocurrency donations and advertisements.


The site has various different 'boards', which are sections dedicated to a particular aspect:

/bbwdraw/BBW Drawn Deviantart, 3D, scribbles
/bbw/BBW Real Thick, curvy, plump - In the flesh, no cartoons or morphs
/ssbbw/Super Sized BBW For those who like 'em bigger than big
/inf/Inflation Pumped up, billowing, blueberries
/bbfurries/BB Furries Fat foxes, rotund rabbits, and porky pigs
/bbwalt/BBW Alternative Slob, vore, muscle, etc
/bbwai/bbwai Stable Diffusion, Loras, Chatbots
/tits/Tits Hangers, bosoms and knockers
/booty/Booty Hindquarters, buttocks and cheeks
/gen/General Discussion talk about whatever you like
/bhm/BHM Real & Drawn Blubber boys, Fatty pants, Bears
/elite/Erotic Literature Stories and text
/ee/Everything Else Trans, Futanari, etc
/preg/Pregnant Heavy with child, baby bumps

History has existed since at least 2008. It was administrated by a user named crazymonkey. For an early view of the site, see this Wayback Machine of in 2008. Back in those days, they had an IRC channel on #bbw-chan on the network. The site has cycled through various domains during its existence. was shutdown around 2016, and the .nl was setup by LtBarclay. Early in 2024, the site lost access to its domain due to registrar policy violations. As of today, the site is still administered by LtBarclay. The site is protected by Cloudflare infrastructure.

Some posts by LtBarclay: