Feabie is a website that is at the intersection of a social networking and dating website. The site is owned and managed by Grokio LLC, which also makes Grommr and Chasblr. The beta version of the website came out around 2014-2015.

In 2017, Feabie published the only known survey of this size about the feedism community. You can read it yourself here and the PowerBI version with more details here.


The most used part of Feabie are the newsfeed and the messages. On the newsfeed you can post statusupdates that you can like and comment on. Pretty much a standard social networking website.

There is also a search feature where you can search for users, based on various parameters, such as feedee, feeder, BBW, BHM, etc.


Feabie has been criticized for various things.

The community has been frequently described as 'toxic', which can means various things.

They are bad at moderating, abusers could long hold their accounts.

For men, the platform is not easy. Most dating apps consists of men for the majority, but on Feabie this is even worse. For woman, this does not make the experience pleasant, since they receive lots of creepy messages.


A common complain are about the people called 'grayfaces', which are people who don't upload a profile picture. That can be done, most common reasons are probably lazyness and fear of being discovered by a relative or friend. That should largely not matter, because most people really just do not care. The grayface people are the most common source of harrassment on the website. It's not like that people with a profile picture know how to behave, but the people who behave are usually the one who have a profile picture.

2020 TikTok incident

The Feabie community has been exposed to the outside world on other occasions, but this was probably the one with the most impact on the community.

Around 2020 (exact publication date unknown), the TikTok user @juletube published a video that was later taken offline where she recommended fat people te join Feabie and make money out of it, despite not genuinly identifying as (or questioning to be) a feedist. The TikTok user @crexalbo has made a video series giving more context: https://www.tiktok.com/@crexalbo

This was widely seen as a bad thing for the community and caused Feabie to block registrations for a while to block the influx of scammer-"feedists".

The original video is re-published here for archival purposes, please don't spread it further with its original intent.

Original video description: "if ur gonna fetishize my plus size body, i might as well get paidt for it 😄"


"I've gotten a few questions about how my friends and I made 450 dollars in one day. We actually got up to like 600 dollars in one day, but in a the past few months I've a couple of thousand dollars from doing just this. So, if you want to find out how keep watching. So, it helps if you are a plus-size girl or boy or anything between whoever you are, you don't have to be like "fat", but you want to have like a little bit of a gut, a stomach, you know. So basically there's this thing called feederism [sic.], where... please only do this if you are over 18 btw. Where these guys are into weight gain, they want to see you play with your stomach and eat food. And so I have guys like sponsor meals for me, on like not a daily basis, but multiple times throughout a week. Once you start to build relationships and they like you and they trust you they'll send you money for like clothes and stuff like that, so. Good luck. Leave questions for part 2."