Fun with feedism: a practical guidebook

This is the book for fat admirers, feeders, feedees or just other interested people who want to explore this subject more in depth, but not in the traditional negative and sensonalistic style that is typically done by the (tabloid) press. If your partner is a feedist or you suspect them to be one, it can be useful to read this book together. We also encourage doctors and psychologists to do more research into this topic and be open minded to patients. It also contains some general survival tips as a fat person or for living with one and being supportive. It is also more of a guidebook for active participants, contrary to the more observatory nature of the (sparse) academic literature on this topic. If you believe we are a bunch of weirdos, that's okay, but please leave us alone and don't harass any feedists, we're just living our best lives!

To download the book, click the print symbol in the upper right corner and save it to PDF. Tip: uncheck the box 'print headers and footers', which makes it more look like a real book instead of a printed web page.

You can email feedback to feedismbook@protonmail.com. I am looking forward to your feedback, but please keep it constructive! For more info, see the contributing chapter.

Feeding a donut