Accompanying your partner

There are some harsh realities when dating or living with someone who is over 300 pounds, or being that size yourself. Or both. Due to these issues, members of the feedism community tend to avoid doing this in real life and keeping the extremes as a fantasy. Guilt about fat fetishism is a common thing.

This page tries to explain them and gives recommendations to mitigate some of these issues.


  • Shortened lifespan, could be shortened as much as 40 years due to body size.
  • Issues with walking
  • Issues with breathing, especially at night



The most important accomodation for a fat partner is patience. They move around slower, that's just something that you have to deal with, without complaining. It's part of the deal of having fat partner.


A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine can improve the quality of sleep. They have been described as the gold standard for treating sleep apnea.

Obese people produce higher levels of CO2 and consume higher levels of oxygen. This is one of the reasons that a CPAP machine is a great tool in breathing assistance.

They are generally a recommended option as a last resort if losing weight is not feasable, but in case of us feedists, we don't want to lose weight.

They cannot cure problems caused by being overweight, but for feedists who are living in a big body.


  • Metal bed frame

Wooden beds are usually less sturdy compared to metal bed frames. It is therefor recommend to get the metal one, especially if you are considering to gain weight.

It is also possible to get a bed with more legs than the usal 4, such as 9 legs.

This video includes some useful information:

Mobility scooter

Wide hallway

Having building accommodations such as wide hallways, especially when mobility scooters are used indoors.


  • Chairs without armrests
  • Operable reclining chairs

Private pool

  • Private pool, being almost weightless can be a good experience some of the time


  • Shower chairs
  • Shower sticks


  • Space around the parking


  • A bidet


  • Having a home without stairs

Other measures

Weight loss and physical fitness

Weight loss goes against a lot of things within the feedism community, but some members choose to do this. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including better mobility, avoiding a short lifespan, less stigma, or better overall health.

Some forms of exercise that are recommended are swimming, having sex or walking. Eating healthier also helps with losing weight.

Building more muscle mass does not really help with losing weight, but can help a lot in handling the weight.

Gastric bypass surgery is generally available to supersized people, and some choose to make use of it. However, there are risk associated with the surgery that are not with a exercising or a healthy diet.