The book is largely written by Fiona Anna Troiano (F.A.T.). I started working on it in 2022 and published the first version in 2024. It could not have been written without the many people that have written about this subject before on various websites. They have been cited throughout this book. This text of this book is dedicated to the public domain using the CC0 license. It can be copied, modified and republished without restrictions. For images, ask their authors.

Other more direct involved contributors include (in no particular order):

Disclaimer: this website is in no way affiliated with the defunct version of feedism.net around a decade ago. The domain was just registered again after it was expired.

The logo of the book uses the font 'Pleasantly Plump', colored in red. (No relation to the model of the same name)

No ChatGPT or other genAI software was used in writing this book. It is purely based on human thought and experiences.