Fun with feedism: a practical guidebook

This is the book for fat admirers, feeders, feedees or just other interested people who want to explore this subject more in depth, but not in the traditional negative and sensonalistic style that is typically done by the (tabloid) press. If your partner is a feedist or you suspect them to be one, it can be useful to read this book together. We also encourage doctors and psychologists to do more research into this topic and be open minded to patients. It also contains some general survival tips as a fat person or for living with one and being supportive. It is also more of a guidebook for active participants, contrary to the more observatory nature of the (sparse) academic literature on this topic. If you believe we are a bunch of weirdos, that's okay, but please leave us alone and don't harass any feedists, we're just living our best lives!

To download the book, click the print symbol in the upper right corner and save it to PDF. Tip: uncheck the box 'print headers and footers', which makes it more look like a real book instead of a printed web page.

You can email feedback to feedismbook@protonmail.com. I am looking forward to your feedback, but please keep it constructive! For more info, see the contributing chapter.

Feeding a donut


The book is largely written by Fiona Anna Troiano (F.A.T.). I started working on it in 2022 and published the first version in 2024. It could not have been written without the many people that have written about this subject before on various websites. They have been cited throughout this book. This text of this book is dedicated to the public domain using the CC0 license. It can be copied, modified and republished without restrictions. For images, ask their authors.

Other more direct involved contributors include (in no particular order):

Disclaimer: this website is in no way affiliated with the defunct version of feedism.net around a decade ago. The domain was just registered again after it was expired.

The logo of the book uses the font 'Pleasantly Plump', colored in red. (No relation to the model of the same name)

No ChatGPT or other genAI software was used in writing this book. It is purely based on human thought and experiences.

Media representation

In short: the media has generally not been positive about this subject. It treated feeders and feedees as abusers and victims, regardless of consent that likely happened. To counter this mostly negative reporting by the media, this book gives a more neutral view of the subject.

Because of the image that the media creates, this makes it harder for people to come out for this preference, which is a bad thing. This is slowly changing in the last few years, but still far from great. Ideally, we should become proud feedists who can openly talk about it without shame and prejudice by other people.

In 2019, HuffPost contributor Sophia Ortega wrote a wonderful story about her boyfriend admitting being a feedist. Read the first part here and the second part from 2020 here. Also worth reading is the following Twitter thread by Asher Wolf.


This tries the sums up the various articles written in the mainstream media about the subject. Since this book is written based on expert knowledge, it does not use these articles as references, mereley as a list of links to possibly read further.

There was a controversy around a TikTok user who catfished Mary BoBerry and used her TikToks in a different context. Luckily for BoBerry, a correction was later offered by Daily Mail.


Various films, entertainment series and documentaries have been made that involved feedism, with varying quality. Examples of good ones include the Channel4 documentary with Alice Levine and the fictive film 'City Island'

My 600lb life features people who are enormous, and there has been some speculation that there is some feedism involved behind the scenes, although this is not disclosed in the program.

The series Hot & Heavy by TLC is about people who are in a 'mixed-weight relationship'. At least one of the participants is known to be active in the feedism community.

The movie "Feed" (2005) is generally regarded as a terrible depiction of feedism, because it is non-consensal and the death can therefor be seen as murder. I think this movie did the same for feedists as Rain Man did for autistics.

The movie "City Island" is probably the most realistic and wholesome depction of feedism ever in a relative mainstream movie produced as of 2024.


Fat admiration

Fetish or preference?

The difference between a preference and a fetish is not always a clear thing.

Sometimes the difference is drawn at the point of wether it is an absolute requirement. If that's the case, it would be a fetish, otherwise a preference. Other times, the defintion depends on the precise activities it includes.

The most widely held belief within the feedism community seems to be that attraction to fat bodies is not a fetish, but feedism is a fetish. There are also people who think that neither feedism is a fetish, but that it is a lifestyle.


What is feedism? Mostly a kink, or a lifestyle to some. Feedism can be different from other kinks that you purely enjoy in the bedroom, because if you choose to gain weight, that is visible to the outside world. Weight gain is only one aspect of feedism, there are a lot of feedist who do not gain weight for multiple reasons.

Actually enjoying weight gain is a very foreign concept to most people. It is an act of rebellion against society beauty standards.


First, a note on the term itself: it is feedism, not feederism. Feederism implies it about the feeder who controls the situation, while this is not how it works. The feeder would be nothing without the feedee. It makes sense to include both roles into a single term. Both feeders and feedees are feedists and into feedism. A lot of literature still uses feederism, but this is now considered outdated and should be replaced. I'm not the only one claiming this, this is pretty much the consensus within the community. See: https://loradayton.com/2021/05/19/the-correct-word-is-feedism/

Help, I'm a feedist!

Welcome, you have come to the right place! There is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone. Being a feedist is fun and you're starting your own journey into it.

Is feedism evil?

No! Feedism is just a fetish, but there are some feedists out there who push their fetish onto others without proper consent. This is very bad and makes life worse for other feedists. The vast majority of feedists are fine people who don't do it in a bad way.

But remember, the fact it is not evil doesn't mean that ethics are not important when practicing it: they are extremely important!


Do all feedees gain weight?

Nope! They commonly do


Soft and hard feedism

Contrary to what you might think, the submissive and dominant roles are not neccesarily tied to feedee and feeder. They can be reversed as well.


How is it percieved by people? missjanedoeeyes-blog noted 3 options:

  • thinking they understand it, but do actually underestimate it
  • supportive, but does not make sense to them
  • think you are a monster


"Size acceptance ally in the streets, fat-shaming bully in the sheets." - lordofthelard https://www.tumblr.com/lordofthelard/674282865170825216/size-acceptance-ally-in-the-streets-fat-shaming

Jars of kinks


Healthy gaining

Telling others

There are quite a few posts on /r/WeightGainTalk about people telling their friends/partner, some successfull and sometimes not so.

There is a story on Vice from the viewpoint of a non-feedist being asked to participate.

In my personal view, the feedist did it the right way: having a few dates before asking about it. Doing it on the first date is too quickly. They also asked it in the right context, in the bedroom. And most importantly, they asked for consent. They reacted shooked by it, which is fine, but the (non expressed) hate afterwards seems like an overreaction to me. A sad failure.

insert "Wojak at party" meme with they don't know I'm a feedists



Lora Dayton has written an exellent article about this subject: https://loradayton.com/2022/01/26/how-to-have-the-kink-talk-with-your-partner/


Friends and family

There is usually no good reasons to tell these people. It's also possible to make new friends in the feedism community.




A degradation fetish is quite commonly combined for feedists, but not always. It is a difficult combination sometimes, because it looks like real fatphobia, which is bad.

It can be paradoxal to be opposed to fatphobia but actually liking in in certain contexts.

Feedists have requested to add trigger warnings to these kinds of posts.




In 2022, the Feedism Stuff website was started. I wrote this website without knowing about it, and this tries to be more exhaustive. It contains some interesting information nonetheless: https://feedismstuff.com/#wider-research

https://ffambrosia.com https://www.tumblr.com/darlingfeeder/171008009034/vanillas-guide-to-feedism-third-draft-please https://fatboydiet.tumblr.com/post/142974880944/feederism-resources-masterpost https://chubby-chiquita.tumblr.com/post/721419663075164161



Consent is extremely important and a hard requirement before doing anything feedism related with another person

Not all online communities do this, but some good ones have implemented rules for this: https://old.reddit.com/r/WeightGainTalk/comments/160di1o/rule_on_consent/

I want to thanks them for having good rules on this.



(Blueberry, Totally Spies)




Fat Liberation Manifesto, 1973: https://web.archive.org/web/20080905112944/http://www.largesse.net/Archives/FU/PDF/manifesto.PDF

Dimensions Magezine grew out of a special interest magazine from NAAFA.


BBW Magazine

Hongry Magazine

Dimensions Magazine

Magna Publishing Group

The publisher is Magna Publishing Group, a large publisher for a variety of pornography magazines, published two magazines centered around BBW's. There is not much online to find it, only a single sentence description on the website of the publisher. Sometimes old versions of the magazines are sold on eBay or Amazon. There is no full collection of the magazines available online. A few exermpts are available on archive.org, listed below.

BUF Magazine


Plumpers & Big Woman

The Fat Zine

Not about feedism, but The Fat Zine is a good magazine for fat people by fat people. Maybe they'll write about feedism in the future.


A lot of content has been published on a variety of locations. Sadly, since this is a rahter niche field, not much attention has been paid into preserving content.

For the BBW Wiki, the content from the old wiki has been copied.

The Internet Archive is a great project that has archived quite some pages from BBW models and pages from the old Dimensions website, which contained stories.

For physicical magazines and CD-ROMs, the story is different. They might be out there somewhere, but have not been widely backup up to the internet, which I think is a shame. Some folks on BBW Chan have even admitted throwing away old VHS tapes with various content.


Dating and relationships

Take your partner to your own family and friends. Fat folks do very likely have a history of being treated as a secret. This is not fun.

What kind of dating apps can you use? Well, everything! Fat folks just use regular dating apps.

There are specialized apps like Feabie and WooPlus.

Fantasy Feeder was the most used in the past, but has declined in usage.






Should you be open about your preference for bigger women? Or your fetish? Your desire about wanting to grow your partner?


This is a tricky area. Your parter might leave you.

It might also depend on the area you live. If you live in the countryside, the chance of meeting someone else can be low. In the middle of a large US city, there is less to worry about.

It is in general unfortunate when you have a less common kink that it is hard to find a partner who is into it a well. Feedism makes this even harder, since it still is considered a taboo. People who are in general against kink shaming are commonly willing to make an exception for feedism.

Accompanying your partner

There are some harsh realities when dating or living with someone who is over 300 pounds, or being that size yourself. Or both. Due to these issues, members of the feedism community tend to avoid doing this in real life and keeping the extremes as a fantasy. Guilt about fat fetishism is a common thing.

This page tries to explain them and gives recommendations to mitigate some of these issues.


  • Shortened lifespan, could be shortened as much as 40 years due to body size.
  • Issues with walking
  • Issues with breathing, especially at night



The most important accomodation for a fat partner is patience. They move around slower, that's just something that you have to deal with, without complaining. It's part of the deal of having fat partner.


A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine can improve the quality of sleep. They have been described as the gold standard for treating sleep apnea.



Obese people produce higher levels of CO2 and consume higher levels of oxygen. This is one of the reasons that a CPAP machine is a great tool in breathing assistance. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3475306/

They are generally a recommended option as a last resort if losing weight is not feasable, but in case of us feedists, we don't want to lose weight.

They cannot cure problems caused by being overweight, but for feedists who are living in a big body.



  • Metal bed frame

Wooden beds are usually less sturdy compared to metal bed frames. It is therefor recommend to get the metal one, especially if you are considering to gain weight.

It is also possible to get a bed with more legs than the usal 4, such as 9 legs.


This video includes some useful information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2HZW4WtkL0

Mobility scooter

Wide hallway

Having building accommodations such as wide hallways, especially when mobility scooters are used indoors.


  • Chairs without armrests
  • Operable reclining chairs

Private pool

  • Private pool, being almost weightless can be a good experience some of the time


  • Shower chairs
  • Shower sticks


  • Space around the parking


  • A bidet


  • Having a home without stairs

Other measures

Weight loss and physical fitness

Weight loss goes against a lot of things within the feedism community, but some members choose to do this. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including better mobility, avoiding a short lifespan, less stigma, or better overall health.

Some forms of exercise that are recommended are swimming, having sex or walking. Eating healthier also helps with losing weight.

Building more muscle mass does not really help with losing weight, but can help a lot in handling the weight.

Gastric bypass surgery is generally available to supersized people, and some choose to make use of it. However, there are risk associated with the surgery that are not with a exercising or a healthy diet.



The medical consensus is quite clear about this part: a high body weight is unhealthy. There are some people in this community who disagreee, but I believe they are wrong.

However, that is unhealthy should not stop you. Feedism falls in the RACK category of kinks, so if you're aware of the implications of what you're doing, all is fine.

some models from the scene have died

Madison Aikers, heart dises


Mental health

There is a theory that all kinks are caused by trauma and trying to control that. In that sense, supressing feedism is a bad thing.

There seems to be quite an overlap between feedists and autistic people, ADHDers and people with anxiety disorders. People should never be pushed into feedism as a solution for mental health, but these people can certainly enjoy feedism.

If feedism is pathologized, then it's a binge eating disorder.

Good Reddit discussion about it:





Increase stomach capacity

Cheap foods

Other stuff

Buying items



There are various forums dedicated to discussion of

  • BBW Chan

  • Feabie

  • Fantasy Feeder

  • various Discord channels

Content of porn models is spread over various places.

The BBW Wiki has a collection of model pages that list their websites.

Lot's of models are active on social media such as Twitter, which can be fun for interaction. Premium OnlyFans give room for more personal interaction and fat talk.

There was a dating site calld frodig.no for Norway, but according to one user onBBW Chan, "it hasn't been interesting since 2012" https://web.archive.org/web/20191214235707/https://bbw-chan.nl/gen/res/7031.html


Reddit continues to be a thriving platform for various subjects related to feedism.

Some subreddits have closed down over time due to lack of moderation and some new ones were founded.

Some examples include: *


Feabie is a website that is at the intersection of a social networking and dating website. The site is owned and managed by Grokio LLC, which also makes Grommr and Chasblr. The beta version of the website came out around 2014-2015.

In 2017, Feabie published the only known survey of this size about the feedism community. You can read it yourself here and the PowerBI version with more details here.


The most used part of Feabie are the newsfeed and the messages. On the newsfeed you can post statusupdates that you can like and comment on. Pretty much a standard social networking website.

There is also a search feature where you can search for users, based on various parameters, such as feedee, feeder, BBW, BHM, etc.


Feabie has been criticized for various things.

The community has been frequently described as 'toxic', which can means various things.

They are bad at moderating, abusers could long hold their accounts.

For men, the platform is not easy. Most dating apps consists of men for the majority, but on Feabie this is even worse. For woman, this does not make the experience pleasant, since they receive lots of creepy messages.


A common complain are about the people called 'grayfaces', which are people who don't upload a profile picture. That can be done, most common reasons are probably lazyness and fear of being discovered by a relative or friend. That should largely not matter, because most people really just do not care. The grayface people are the most common source of harrassment on the website. It's not like that people with a profile picture know how to behave, but the people who behave are usually the one who have a profile picture.

2020 TikTok incident

The Feabie community has been exposed to the outside world on other occasions, but this was probably the one with the most impact on the community.

Around 2020 (exact publication date unknown), the TikTok user @juletube published a video that was later taken offline where she recommended fat people te join Feabie and make money out of it, despite not genuinly identifying as (or questioning to be) a feedist. The TikTok user @crexalbo has made a video series giving more context: https://www.tiktok.com/@crexalbo

This was widely seen as a bad thing for the community and caused Feabie to block registrations for a while to block the influx of scammer-"feedists".

The original video is re-published here for archival purposes, please don't spread it further with its original intent.

Original video description: "if ur gonna fetishize my plus size body, i might as well get paidt for it 😄"


"I've gotten a few questions about how my friends and I made 450 dollars in one day. We actually got up to like 600 dollars in one day, but in a the past few months I've a couple of thousand dollars from doing just this. So, if you want to find out how keep watching. So, it helps if you are a plus-size girl or boy or anything between whoever you are, you don't have to be like "fat", but you want to have like a little bit of a gut, a stomach, you know. So basically there's this thing called feederism [sic.], where... please only do this if you are over 18 btw. Where these guys are into weight gain, they want to see you play with your stomach and eat food. And so I have guys like sponsor meals for me, on like not a daily basis, but multiple times throughout a week. Once you start to build relationships and they like you and they trust you they'll send you money for like clothes and stuff like that, so. Good luck. Leave questions for part 2."

Fantasy Feeder



WooPlus is a dating app like Hinge or Tinder. People can like profiles and then have a chat if there is a match.

It was launched in 2016 with quite a lot of media attention, but not much afterwards.



BBW Chan

Logo of BBW Chan, author unknown

As of March 2024, the URL of BBW Chan is bbw-chan.link.

BBW Chan is a classic imageboard community based on Lynxchan. This site has been primarily maintained by the user named LtBarclay, helped by various moderators.

The main aspect from which the site derives its popularity is piracy of pornography, although some general discussion threads exists in between them. Users try to delay DMCA takedown notices by using base64 encoding of links, sometimes multiple times to make it harder for software to detect what link is hidden inside. Because of the piracy and the sometimes hateful comments towards the models, the site is often critizized by models who claim to be losing income due to the site. Somewhat unsurprisingly, BBW Chan struggled with paying the hosting costs over the course of their history, as its main audience consists of people who are not willing to pay for pornography. Some users have donated (sometimes even large individual donations), so the site continue to exist as of today. People have used various sharing sites to upload the actual content, including but not limited to WeTranser and MyAirBridge. The administrators have tried hard to stay anonymous by using a webhost that has no Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policy and accepts cryptocurrencies. Users have paid for this using cryptocurrency donations and advertisements.


The site has various different 'boards', which are sections dedicated to a particular aspect:

/bbwdraw/BBW Drawn Deviantart, 3D, scribbles
/bbw/BBW Real Thick, curvy, plump - In the flesh, no cartoons or morphs
/ssbbw/Super Sized BBW For those who like 'em bigger than big
/inf/Inflation Pumped up, billowing, blueberries
/bbfurries/BB Furries Fat foxes, rotund rabbits, and porky pigs
/bbwalt/BBW Alternative Slob, vore, muscle, etc
/bbwai/bbwai Stable Diffusion, Loras, Chatbots
/tits/Tits Hangers, bosoms and knockers
/booty/Booty Hindquarters, buttocks and cheeks
/gen/General Discussion talk about whatever you like
/bhm/BHM Real & Drawn Blubber boys, Fatty pants, Bears
/elite/Erotic Literature Stories and text
/ee/Everything Else Trans, Futanari, etc
/preg/Pregnant Heavy with child, baby bumps


bbw-chan.net has existed since at least 2008. It was administrated by a user named crazymonkey. For an early view of the site, see this Wayback Machine of bbw-chan.net in 2008. Back in those days, they had an IRC channel on #bbw-chan on the Rizon.net network. The site has cycled through various domains during its existence.

bbw-chan.net was shutdown around 2016, and the .nl was setup by LtBarclay. Early in 2024, the site lost access to its bbw-chan.nl domain due to registrar policy violations. As of today, the site is still administered by LtBarclay. The site is protected by Cloudflare infrastructure.

Some posts by LtBarclay:

  • https://web.archive.org/web/20180719094758/http://bbw-chan.nl/gen/res/3679.html
  • https://web.archive.org/web/20180719091928/http://bbw-chan.nl/gen/res/3663.html


This website consists of a database of models and pictures. It does piracy and pictures are uploaded without the consent of those models. Choose for yourself if you want to be part of this. As the author of the book, I think this is a bad thing because it removes the revenue from the content creators and might cause them to leave the industry, which is bad for everyone.


Big Cuties

Big Cuties is a modeling website which was founded by Heather Boyle, also known as HeatherBBW. It is one of the older websites in this community that is still active.

The website can be classified as a producer of softcore pornography. It might try to avoid that label themselves, but that is mainly what is is used for in the end.

BBW Wiki

The BBW Wiki was originally largely written by a user named Alphagammabetadelta on Wikia, later known as FANDOM. The wiki was removed from that website, but luckily an XML copy survived through the internet archive. The wiki was later put online under a new domain, bbw.wiki. The XML backup contained all the historic edits and current content, but no images. These all had to be added again. Some models contributed to their own articles, but most articles were written by 3rd party contributors.

Various users from BBW chan and elsewhere helped contributing new information. They are currently looking for more contributors.

Fat Liberation

Fatliberation.org is a community that tries to unite the feedism and fat liberation communities.

It started in the fall of 2020. The first community gathering was in December 2021.

Fat Forums

Fat-Forums.com was a forum community that was no longer active as of 2022.

On the Internet Archive, it has been archived since early 2004.

They named themselves the "#1 Adult BBW Community". The forum included blogs, albums, fanclubs and chat.

Various models have been sponsoring Fat Forums, including Mercedes BBW.



Tumblr has been quite popular site in the feedism community, and one of the few that makes content publicly available by default. Tumblr is therefor one of the sites that is easily critized by outsiders of the community, such as this video by READY TO GLARE from 2018, titled: Why Tumblr sucks ep.24: Feederism which has over half a million views as of 2024.

In December 2021, Tumblr banned a whole lot of hashtags for compliancy with the App Store rules of Apple. It was quickly discovered that feedism related hashtags were included in this. However, it is possible to workaround this limitation by using multiple hashtags at the same time.

Interesting blogs


Patreon is a website where artists can publish their work and sell subscriptions to them.

They never had any explicit policy on feedism, but on March 12th, 2024 they updated their community guidelines. It contains the following:

Promoting, normalizing, providing instructional advice about, coordinating, or otherwise glorifying disordered eating, feederism, or related topics is prohibited on Patreon.

Examples of disordered eating works include, but are not limited to: extreme low-calorie diets, imagery of someone making themselves vomit, and imagery focused on ribs, thigh gaps, concave stomachs, and so forth.

Examples of feederism works include, but are not limited to: force feeding (consensual or nonconsensual), using illegal or controlled substances to achieve weight gain, using devices to fill the stomach, and so forth.

Works involving disordered eating, feederism, and related topics that have a community support or educational focus, are part of a greater narrative, or are otherwise contextualized in a manner that abides by Patreon’s guidelines are permitted. Also permitted are works that promote body positivity, eating competitions, medical surgeries, and health, fitness, or lifestyle works.

In practice, this means that feedism is banned from their site. There are some alternatives, mostly targeted at the 'fatfur' community.

isn't there somebody you forgot to ask?



Video and pictures


Drawings are a common way to express feedism. It's a way that is safe and does not need anyones consent to make.


Real models




Padding is the activity of getting to look fat without being fat. Sometimes it's also called stuffing, but in the feedism context this can be interpreted as actual food instead of pillows or other things under your clothing. Padding can be a more healthy alternative to actual gaining, but can approximate the arousal that results from gaining.

Don't be afraid to experiment! You can try different shapes, sizes, materials and techniques to find out what makes you feel the best. You're doing this for fun after all. There is not a single correct way to do padding. This page tries to give various recommendations which can help you explore padding and get the most out of it. Enjoy!

Lot's of feedists have mentioned engaging in padding, but not many online communities exisits for it. Since 2022, the subreddit /r/paddingpals exists. There is also a Discord server, ask for a new link in the subreddit because they expire automatically in a week. The server welcomes anyone who is interested in padding! There is also the Fantasy Feeder subforum titled 'clothes padding', which contains quite a few threads. As of 2023, the subreddit is the most active public padding community.


Why do we pad? Where does it come from? There are various reasons and theories, I will try to list some of them. Your story might be completely different.

In public

Padding in public can be embarrasing, but very exiting as well. You can try padding while on holiday far away from home, which minimizes the chance of seeing people you know. If you want to see people their reactions while at home, you could also try food delivery and look at the probably surprising face of the deliverer: "damn, they're yuuge" :D

Being open

You can choose to be open about your padding to other people. This can be a difficult choice, but it is a deeply personal one. People can react to things in wildly different and unexpected ways, and can be surpringly open minded about such things.

As an example, this is a cool story about someone telling their roommate: part 1, part 2

This should serve as an example. It can be hard to tell people, but people don't hate you! They can be open minded! But the most important one: nobody really cares. Most people do way stranger things than they'd like to publicly admit :)

Being open about it can reduce shame and can be empowering. But it is your own personal decision after all, don't feel forced to do either way.


  • Large, stretchy clothing
  • Use pillows as a basis, with blankets in between as a filler
  • Wear a moisture-wicking thing underneat such as a compression shirt that helps you to stay cool
  • Using multiple layers. Using a dress can also help keeping the pillows and/or blankets in place

If the bottom half of your bad (trousers, legging, etc) is being pushed down by your top half, you could try a full body suit like a swimsuit. Or try using suspensers.

Acutal fat suits are expensive. They are custom made for your own body type and require a lot of manual work. Before going that route, I recommend buying some cheaper stuff to experiment with that.

Braces/suspenders are a great tool. The standard things you can buy usually can't withstand a lot of preassure, but there are the slightly more expensive (around $20 usually) so called 'heavy duty' versions that have more clips and can hold up your heavy pants!

Sizes? Try buying at least 4XL if you want to go real big.

Cool YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Nikki19NY/videos

Short YouTube video about the creation of a fatsuit:



You can buy a whole video series on fat suits here: https://www.stanwinstonschool.com/tutorials/fat-suit-fabrication

(I have no affilation here, but It's one of the things I found online)

For the real adventurers, you cal also be padded in

Activity ideas while padded:

  • Amusement park
  • Going to the mall
  • Playing video games
  • Sleeping
  • Ordering food
  • Eating and drinking
  • Walking around the house
  • Attending SizeCon


This kind of suit could be used to put a weighted blanket into it, so it stays in place. Credits for the idea: https://old.reddit.com/r/paddingpals/comments/1auwe7v/anyone_use_a_weighted_blanket_before_asking_for/kr6wn4c/

Common issues

A common issue with padding your pants is that your pants will move down. This can be quite easily fixed, because there already exists a common solution for this problem: braces! Although not made for padding, they greatly help here.





In Las Vegas, a so called bash has been frequently organized. Various models from the scene have attended it.


BBW Bash in Atlanta: https://www.flickr.com/photos/magicfingers/albums/72157655386946644

Academic papers about bashes: https://www.taylorfrancis.com/chapters/edit/10.4324/9780429507540-13/oppressive-liberation-crystal-kotow



SizeCon, as the name says, is not primarily for feedists, but for people interested in size. This does include feedists and gainers, but it also includeds people into marco stuff.

Fat Liberation meetups


I have conducted a few interviews with feedists to give this book a bit more personal touch. Enjoy reading!

Interview with Miss-Blobby

Date: May 13, 2024

What is your background with feedism? Tell me your discovery and the effects it had on you I was pretty sporty growing up, but when I went away to university lots of partying and eating and no more sports meant I started putting on some weight accidentally. Then I realised that the shame and feeling of getting chubby was quite a turn on, so it kinda snowballed from there

I have been gaining for 5 years now.

How do you see your future? Such as a specific weight goal and your intent to continue I don't really have any kind of goal weight just love the gluttony of stuffing my face and knowing it's just gonna make me fatter. Don't plan on ever stopping, don't think I could even if I tried lol

What is your current weight? 437lbs

Did you ever meet up with a feedist?

I have a couple of times, nothing really serious though

Are there any downsides that you encounter in daily life which are caused by feedism?

Think the biggest downside is growing out of clothes that I like and not being able to do as much as when I was skinny but I also find that bit kinda hot

And if so, how do you deal with them? (either with technology or psychological)

Is anyone in your social circle aware, and if so, how did they react to it?

My best friend knows about it, but nobody else. She thinks I'm a bit crazy but isn't too bothered by it. I was already huge when I told her, lol

Are there any activities that you enjoy as a fantasy but would never do in real life?

Immobility, it's just too awkward in real life

What fat/feedism communities have you been part of?

Mostly reddit and used to a but on Tumblr but not for ages.

Would you prefer having a skinny or a fat partner?

I like the contrast of a slim partner and

Do you choose food purely based on the taste or do you optimize for the most calories?

mostly for taste but sometimes for a stuffing try and get as many calories

Have you ever attempted more extreme versions of feeding, like using a funnel?

I haven't tried funnel feeding

What are your favourite foods?

Hard choice I love soo much food but if I had to choose probably pizza

Do you enjoy showing off how fat you are in public by wearing tight clothes, or do you tend to hide it a bit?

I mostly just wear comfy clothes

Are you happy with your body shape?

love my body shape which is basically round lol

Thank you, Hannah!

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