The medical consensus is quite clear about this part: a high body weight is unhealthy. There are some people in this community who disagreee, but I believe they are wrong.

However, that is unhealthy should not stop you. Feedism falls in the RACK category of kinks, so if you're aware of the implications of what you're doing, all is fine.

some models from the scene have died

Madison Aikers, heart dises

Mental health

There is a theory that all kinks are caused by trauma and trying to control that. In that sense, supressing feedism is a bad thing.

There seems to be quite an overlap between feedists and autistic people, ADHDers and people with anxiety disorders. People should never be pushed into feedism as a solution for mental health, but these people can certainly enjoy feedism.

If feedism is pathologized, then it's a binge eating disorder.

Good Reddit discussion about it: