What is feedism? Mostly a kink, or a lifestyle to some. Feedism can be different from other kinks that you purely enjoy in the bedroom, because if you choose to gain weight, that is visible to the outside world. Weight gain is only one aspect of feedism, there are a lot of feedist who do not gain weight for multiple reasons.

Actually enjoying weight gain is a very foreign concept to most people. It is an act of rebellion against society beauty standards.


First, a note on the term itself: it is feedism, not feederism. Feederism implies it about the feeder who controls the situation, while this is not how it works. The feeder would be nothing without the feedee. It makes sense to include both roles into a single term. Both feeders and feedees are feedists and into feedism. A lot of literature still uses feederism, but this is now considered outdated and should be replaced. I'm not the only one claiming this, this is pretty much the consensus within the community. See: https://loradayton.com/2021/05/19/the-correct-word-is-feedism/

Help, I'm a feedist!

Welcome, you have come to the right place! There is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone. Being a feedist is fun and you're starting your own journey into it.

Is feedism evil?

No! Feedism is just a fetish, but there are some feedists out there who push their fetish onto others without proper consent. This is very bad and makes life worse for other feedists. The vast majority of feedists are fine people who don't do it in a bad way.

But remember, the fact it is not evil doesn't mean that ethics are not important when practicing it: they are extremely important!


Do all feedees gain weight?

Nope! They commonly do


Soft and hard feedism

Contrary to what you might think, the submissive and dominant roles are not neccesarily tied to feedee and feeder. They can be reversed as well.


How is it percieved by people? missjanedoeeyes-blog noted 3 options:

  • thinking they understand it, but do actually underestimate it
  • supportive, but does not make sense to them
  • think you are a monster


"Size acceptance ally in the streets, fat-shaming bully in the sheets." - lordofthelard https://www.tumblr.com/lordofthelard/674282865170825216/size-acceptance-ally-in-the-streets-fat-shaming

Jars of kinks


Healthy gaining

Telling others

There are quite a few posts on /r/WeightGainTalk about people telling their friends/partner, some successfull and sometimes not so.

There is a story on Vice from the viewpoint of a non-feedist being asked to participate.

In my personal view, the feedist did it the right way: having a few dates before asking about it. Doing it on the first date is too quickly. They also asked it in the right context, in the bedroom. And most importantly, they asked for consent. They reacted shooked by it, which is fine, but the (non expressed) hate afterwards seems like an overreaction to me. A sad failure.

insert "Wojak at party" meme with they don't know I'm a feedists



Lora Dayton has written an exellent article about this subject: https://loradayton.com/2022/01/26/how-to-have-the-kink-talk-with-your-partner/


Friends and family

There is usually no good reasons to tell these people. It's also possible to make new friends in the feedism community.




A degradation fetish is quite commonly combined for feedists, but not always. It is a difficult combination sometimes, because it looks like real fatphobia, which is bad.

It can be paradoxal to be opposed to fatphobia but actually liking in in certain contexts.

Feedists have requested to add trigger warnings to these kinds of posts.




In 2022, the Feedism Stuff website was started. I wrote this website without knowing about it, and this tries to be more exhaustive. It contains some interesting information nonetheless: https://feedismstuff.com/#wider-research

https://ffambrosia.com https://www.tumblr.com/darlingfeeder/171008009034/vanillas-guide-to-feedism-third-draft-please https://fatboydiet.tumblr.com/post/142974880944/feederism-resources-masterpost https://chubby-chiquita.tumblr.com/post/721419663075164161



Consent is extremely important and a hard requirement before doing anything feedism related with another person

Not all online communities do this, but some good ones have implemented rules for this: https://old.reddit.com/r/WeightGainTalk/comments/160di1o/rule_on_consent/

I want to thanks them for having good rules on this.