Media representation

In short: the media has generally not been positive about this subject. It treated feeders and feedees as abusers and victims, regardless of consent that likely happened. To counter this mostly negative reporting by the media, this book gives a more neutral view of the subject.

Because of the image that the media creates, this makes it harder for people to come out for this preference, which is a bad thing. This is slowly changing in the last few years, but still far from great. Ideally, we should become proud feedists who can openly talk about it without shame and prejudice by other people.

In 2019, HuffPost contributor Sophia Ortega wrote a wonderful story about her boyfriend admitting being a feedist. Read the first part here and the second part from 2020 here. Also worth reading is the following Twitter thread by Asher Wolf.


This tries the sums up the various articles written in the mainstream media about the subject. Since this book is written based on expert knowledge, it does not use these articles as references, mereley as a list of links to possibly read further.

There was a controversy around a TikTok user who catfished Mary BoBerry and used her TikToks in a different context. Luckily for BoBerry, a correction was later offered by Daily Mail.


Various films, entertainment series and documentaries have been made that involved feedism, with varying quality. Examples of good ones include the Channel4 documentary with Alice Levine and the fictive film 'City Island'

My 600lb life features people who are enormous, and there has been some speculation that there is some feedism involved behind the scenes, although this is not disclosed in the program.

The series Hot & Heavy by TLC is about people who are in a 'mixed-weight relationship'. At least one of the participants is known to be active in the feedism community.

The movie "Feed" (2005) is generally regarded as a terrible depiction of feedism, because it is non-consensal and the death can therefor be seen as murder. I think this movie did the same for feedists as Rain Man did for autistics.

The movie "City Island" is probably the most realistic and wholesome depction of feedism ever in a relative mainstream movie produced as of 2024.