Interview with Miss-Blobby

Date: May 13, 2024

What is your background with feedism? Tell me your discovery and the effects it had on you I was pretty sporty growing up, but when I went away to university lots of partying and eating and no more sports meant I started putting on some weight accidentally. Then I realised that the shame and feeling of getting chubby was quite a turn on, so it kinda snowballed from there

I have been gaining for 5 years now.

How do you see your future? Such as a specific weight goal and your intent to continue I don't really have any kind of goal weight just love the gluttony of stuffing my face and knowing it's just gonna make me fatter. Don't plan on ever stopping, don't think I could even if I tried lol

What is your current weight? 437lbs

Did you ever meet up with a feedist?

I have a couple of times, nothing really serious though

Are there any downsides that you encounter in daily life which are caused by feedism?

Think the biggest downside is growing out of clothes that I like and not being able to do as much as when I was skinny but I also find that bit kinda hot

And if so, how do you deal with them? (either with technology or psychological)

Is anyone in your social circle aware, and if so, how did they react to it?

My best friend knows about it, but nobody else. She thinks I'm a bit crazy but isn't too bothered by it. I was already huge when I told her, lol

Are there any activities that you enjoy as a fantasy but would never do in real life?

Immobility, it's just too awkward in real life

What fat/feedism communities have you been part of?

Mostly reddit and used to a but on Tumblr but not for ages.

Would you prefer having a skinny or a fat partner?

I like the contrast of a slim partner and

Do you choose food purely based on the taste or do you optimize for the most calories?

mostly for taste but sometimes for a stuffing try and get as many calories

Have you ever attempted more extreme versions of feeding, like using a funnel?

I haven't tried funnel feeding

What are your favourite foods?

Hard choice I love soo much food but if I had to choose probably pizza

Do you enjoy showing off how fat you are in public by wearing tight clothes, or do you tend to hide it a bit?

I mostly just wear comfy clothes

Are you happy with your body shape?

love my body shape which is basically round lol

Thank you, Hannah!

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