Dating and relationships

Take your partner to your own family and friends. Fat folks do very likely have a history of being treated as a secret. This is not fun.

What kind of dating apps can you use? Well, everything! Fat folks just use regular dating apps.

There are specialized apps like Feabie and WooPlus.

Fantasy Feeder was the most used in the past, but has declined in usage.


Should you be open about your preference for bigger women? Or your fetish? Your desire about wanting to grow your partner?

This is a tricky area. Your parter might leave you.

It might also depend on the area you live. If you live in the countryside, the chance of meeting someone else can be low. In the middle of a large US city, there is less to worry about.

It is in general unfortunate when you have a less common kink that it is hard to find a partner who is into it a well. Feedism makes this even harder, since it still is considered a taboo. People who are in general against kink shaming are commonly willing to make an exception for feedism.